Childhood Sexual Abuse Awareness with Jeremy Indika

Knocking on his childhood sexual abuser’s door one day, Jeremy Indika had no idea what might happen next. As a childhood sexual abuse awareness activist Jeremy is bringing awareness to the world-wide epidemic of child abuse. Watch the YouTube Video from the podcast Love Me Lab YouTube Channel and Subscribe for more!

This video is part 1 of a podcast interview with Jeremy Indika. Jeremy is a Childhood sexual abuse awareness activist. In this interview we discuss ways to bring more awareness and education to empower children and adults to protect themselves against predators. Little did he know, knocking on his abuser’s door would land Jeremy on trial for assault, stalking and harassment. Watch and listen to his story of healing and empowerment through telling his story and helping others do the same!

Find out the outcome of Jeremy’s trial from Love Me Lab Podcast Episode 22: A Real Conversation About Sexual Abuse Here

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I am a survivor of narcissistic abuse by religious parents in Christian ministry in the Midwest United States. Since I escaped my family’s home at the age of thirty I have dedicated the last decade to healing, deconstructing and deprogramming. I now help others heal through writing, podcasting and coaching. If you would like to be a client or a guest on the podcast, please reach out through my contact or coaching pages here on the website.

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