Self Love Coaching


Hi! I’m Tabitha, a survivor of narcissistic abuse and a trauma-informed self empowerment and self love coach. I’m so glad you’re here! And if you are a survivor of emotional, spiritual and psychological abuse, I understand…

Do you say, “I’m sorry” all the time?

Do you lack the confidence and willpower to follow your dreams?

Do you walk on eggshells around others and feel like your needs aren’t being met in relationship?

Do you have a compulsive need be liked and well-thought of?

Do you feel “behind” in life, and unable to live life the way you want?

I know what it is to be controlled and manipulated by a mother and feel powerless to move forward with my own life for fear of her being angry with me and never speaking to me again — and losing my entire family & life, even my faith.

I lived in fear of

  1. being called “ungrateful“, “rebellious“, “disrespectful“ and “evil.”
  2. incurring the wrath of God for not honoring my mother the way she wanted me to. 
  3. being left alone in the world without a family or friends or a good reputation.
  4. my chronic pain and injury and illness keeping me from being able to take care of myself. 

I changed the course of my entire life when I escaped my narcissistic family cult at the age of thirty 

By working with a healer and acknowledging I had been abused I took responsibility for myself.  I became self aware.  I learned to love myself. The tools I gathered to help me heal from trauma, so I could manage chronic pain & support myself became vital. Over time, I developed habits for building healthy, nurturing, happy relationships, and now, I live my own life filled with Love & helping others.

And you can too!

I can help guide you through:

  1. being seen & heard
  2. going no contact and building healthy boundaries
  3. ending all people-pleasing and not feeling bad about it.
  4. loving yourself and getting your confidence back
  5. building a life you never thought you’d have
  6. mitigating physical pain, fear & anxiety.
  7. finding and keeping true love
  8. building a fulfilling and purposeful life
  9. becoming a nurturing parent & partner for max love
  10. generally being a badass mammajamma