Should Narcissism Be Illegal?

How would it feel if narcissistic abuse were punishable by law?⁣

A guest on the podcast once asked me how I would feel if my mother were put in prison for the things she’d done to me.For brainwashing & manipulating me, emotionally, spiritually, financially and psychologically abusing me from the time I was born so that I never had a chance to stand up to her or know any different when I was beaten or controlled for thirty years. ⁣

⁣It wouldn’t make me feel better to have my mother locked up. But it would cause her from roaming free to hurt anyone else like she’s hurting my sister who still lives with her at nearly forty years of age and seems to have become some type of pod person (from what I can tell). 

Narcissistic abuse isn’t “technically” illegal

My sister and I haven’t spoken in 6 years or had a real conversation where she wasn’t spying on me for my mother or believing a false narrative in over 10 years, so I don’t know for fact what her logic is for living with my parents. But I know from experience what it is to live with and be aligned with my mother and father. ⁣

⁣And it makes me absolutely sick and angry. ⁣

⁣Have you ever watched the movie Hello, My Name is Doris with Sally Field? I imagine it will be something like that for my sister. In her sixties, my parents finally dead, living in a fantasy world as a hoarder and wondering where her entire life went. ⁣

Brainwashed people don’t think they need to be rescued

⁣And even if I fireman-carried her out of that townhouse to show her she could live her own life, she would go right back. She has something akin to Stockholm Syndrome. And because my parents aren’t technically doing anything illegal, there would be no grounds to have her removed from their presence and property. ⁣She’s no longer a child and she hasn’t technically been kidnapped.

⁣And in a way, she is living her own life. The life she is now choosing (albeit brainwashed and controlled), but her life. Her soul has its own journey. It’s not for me to say or to intervene. ⁣

⁣It is only for me to live and breathe and move about this earth as empowered as I can, so that if my sister someday wants to find me through the bullshit red tape and fog of deceit and blocked social accounts and changed phone numbers, I’m here if she needs me (just as my last message to her said, “If you ever want a different life, I will help you in any way I can.”) ⁣

What CAN we do about narcissistic abuse?

⁣Should narcissism be illegal? How does that get policed? ⁣

⁣I dare say education and advocacy are our biggest assets. ⁣

⁣If you see something, say something. You never know what words of hope or freedom might fall on fertile soil and be the very thing that motivates someone to wake up. And be ready for when someone is ready. ⁣To advocate, empower and enrich their life for the better as they seek health and wholeness.

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